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#575Datum: 25-03-2017Week: 12

  TW LW WC Artiest & Titel
Album & Label
single - Jason Waterfalls
245ALASKANS - To be here
single - The Alaskans
374DANDELION - Aniuvak
Everest - King Forward
417HOMESICK, THE - St. Boniface
Youth hunt - Subroutine
525AMBER ARCADES - It changes
single - Heavenly
6145BLACK MARBLE SELECTION - Garden of delight
Greenern than the otherside - V2 Benelux
7153PROJECT BLUE BOOK - The puppet doctor
Electrosaurus, 21st Century Heavy Blues, Rare Grooves & Sounds from the Netherlands ? Vol. 1 - Electrosauris
8172AT FIRST - Dreams Inc
Dreams inc EP - At First
910445 ACID BABIES - Problems
single - 45 Acid Babies
Kepler-186f - The Hubschrauber
11234CHRISTON - Where do we go from here
Towns and cities - Christon
1236AUTOMATIC SAM - Storm coming
Arcs - Goomah
1366DOOL - She goat
Here now, there then - Prophecy
14202WE FALL SLOWLY - The change
single - We Fall Slowly
15185TRIP TO DOVER - I'll be juliet
Fade into gold - Trip to Dover
16194MIST - Dark side
Underwater - Mist
1756MICH - Tumbled
single - Mich
18254101'S, THE - Everything
single - White Russian Records
19116BARTEK - 22
single - Bartek
20223MOSS - I don't see you trying
Strike - Excelsior
21137SAINT CHARLIE - Velvet nights
single - Kroese Records
22127JO GOES HUNTING - Confusion
single - Jo Goes Hunting
23283ART FELIXX - Grey to gold
single - Art Felixx
24332ALASKANS - Café racer
single - The Alaskans
25--1PEER - I don't wanna
Mad for it EP - Peer
26--1TRAVOLTA'S - Dying to do that with you
Until we hit the shore - White Russian Records
27352MY BABY - Love dance
Prehistoric rhythm - Glitterhouse
28302VANDRYVER - Cast out fear
Free download - Bandcamp
29372I BELIEVE IN MY MESS - Makes you angry, makes you mad
Free download - Bandcamp
30168DRIVE LIKE MARIA - Taillight
Creator, preserver, destroyer - Caroline
31--1SMOKING ALASKA - Into motion
single - Smoking Alaska
Marianne EP - Download
33293MIDAS - Where are we now
single - The Midas
34392LUCAS HAMMING - Be good or be gone
single - PiaS
35275ROALD VAN OOSTEN - A stir is in the air
A stir is in the air - V2 Benelux
36--1BANNER. - Compass
single - TCBYML
37--1ASPEN GEMS - Long way down
Silent closure EP - Aspen gems
38382BLAUDZUN - Outside the lights of the city
Jupiter, part II - V2 Benelux
39--1MONEY AND THE MAN - Once was a man
Riddles EP - Money & The Man
40218TRAUMAHELIKOPTER - Another year
Competition stripe - Excelsior
INDIE DISCPIP BLOM - I think I'm in love
single - Soundcloud

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